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How to Find Trustworthy Medical Marijuana Dispensary

Medical marijuana, which is also known as medical cannabis is an excellent alternative medicine for different medical conditions. It can be consumed in a number of different ways; like in capsule form, vaporized, or smoked or an ordinary food. For your information, medical marijuana can be generally purchased from outlets called dispensaries. If you are […]

Top 7 Proven Health Benefits of Marijuana

If you’re an anti-drug activist, you might think that a number of puffs on a joint will turn someone into an unemployed, red-eyed psychopath – probably for the entire life.  But is marijuana actually that harmful for you? With a number of American states having legitimized the herb for own use, scientists have unexpectedly had […]

Fall in Love with Medical Cannabis

For the first time, but unlikely the last, a large pharmaceutical company has teamed up with a cannabis company to promote medical cannabis products. On December 18th, 2018, Sandoz, a division of Novartis Pharmaceuticals, signed an agreement with Canadian cannabis company Tilray to cooperate on medical cannabis. The agreement executed by the two companies represents […]

Why Cannabis Stocks are a Great buy

If you have thought about investing in the cannabis industry you are certainly not alone. Across the world and especially in Canada and the United States, people’s perceptions on the once illicit substance have evolved in recent years, and laws restricting its use have been relaxed.  Presently in the United States, 29 states have legalized […]